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We are Accretive Co. for agriculture (atfa) Egypt’s new aggregator of fresh fruits, and owner of one of Egypt’s oldest Barhi date-fruit plantations. Egypt has been known for its palm trees as part of its heritage as we are known to be the world’s largest producer of date fruits. A untapped opportunity for consumption and industry. Our first launch was by marketing produce of our farm and other Egyptian Barhi date producers. We currently work B2B both locally and internationally. Atfa delivered a successful export season in Europe and Asia in 2023 Our product range includes a selection of exotic fruits.

Our Markets

Our operations reached 3 continents namely Africa being our continent of incorporation, Europe & Asia.
We will reach you where you are!


Our Products

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Our Mission

At Accretive Corp. Agriculture (atfa), our mission is to upgrade small and medium farm holder in the agricultural sector value chain. As a female-owned agribusiness company, we are committed to fostering fair value, promoting women's empowerment in ownership, and management, ensuring sustainability, and leveraging technology to drive positive change.

Fair Value

We are dedicated to creating a fair and equitable agricultural value chain, where farmers are compensated by their enormous risks. We strive to provide small and medium farmers with transparent pricing, fair trade practices, and access to markets that maximize their income and contribute to their economic well-being.

Women Empowerment

We firmly believe in the power of women in agriculture. We are committed to promoting women's empowerment throughout the sector by fostering opportunities for women to own agricultural businesses, assume leadership roles, and participate actively in the decision-making processes that shape our industry.


We recognize the importance of sustainable agricultural practices for the long-term well-being of our planet and communities. We are dedicated to implementing environmentally friendly methods that minimize negative impacts on the ecosystem, conserve natural resources, promote biodiversity, and ensure the longevity of our agricultural systems.

Use of Technology

We embrace the transformative potential of technology in agriculture. We pledge to utilize agri technologies to enhance productivity, optimize resource allocation, improve supply chain efficiency, and provide farmers with access to relevant information, training, and market opportunities.

Through our unwavering commitment to fair value, women's empowerment, sustainability, and the strategic use of technology, we aim to uplift small and medium farmers, create a more inclusive Egyptian agricultural sector, and contribute to the overall growth and development of our communities.


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Mohandseen, Giza, Egypt
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